Get an "Instant Invite" to Google's Project Fi For the Next 24 Hours

Back in April, Google announced Project Fi, its very own wireless network that requires no contract, has no termination fees, and even refunds unused data. Well, according to the official Project Fi Twitter, free instant invites are available for the next 24 hours to celebrate the shipment of the new Nexus 5X.

You’ll need a compatible phone—like Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (also shipping today), or the Nexus 6. Engadget reports—and need access to ShouSprint or T-Mobile plans. Simply sign up for the service on the website.


If you’re the owner, or soon-to-be owner of an eligible device, should you get on board? Very possibly! After completely failing the first time we reviewed it, Project Fi proved itself a a worthy, low-cost competitor to the big huge megacarriers in a follow up. Good show.

[Project Fi tweet via Engadget]

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