Google's Pumped Another $100 Million Into What Will be the World's Largest Wind Farm

Illustration for article titled Googles Pumped Another $100 Million Into What Will be the Worlds Largest Wind Farm

Green issues are obviously close to Google's heart, as they've followed up last July's move into the renewable energy business with a $100 million investment in Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon, which you can see being worked on above.

It won't actually be completed until 2012, says Google's director of green business operations, Rick Needham, who wrote about the investment on their blog: "When completed in 2012 [the plant] will produce 845 MW of energy. This will be the first commercial wind farm in the U.S. to deploy, at scale, turbines that use permanent magnet generator."

Needham added that the electricity from the world's largest wind farm will be sold to Southern California Edison, and will produce enough energy for 235,000 homes. [Google Blog via CNET]

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Synthetic Mode

They "HOPE" it will generate 845MW of energy. Funny how we can deface huge portions of landscape with these ugly monstrosities but can't drill for oil. Whatever happened to the fear of destroying species of animal or insect due to drilling? I mean, this looks to be destroying lots of habitat too. Should Ginsu a lot of birds too. I'm for exploring ALL options on energy but when you IGNORE all the complaints that were made against drilling for another source is silly.