Gorgeous Flat Panel Alchemy

Here's a guy who took a four-year-old 15-inch flat panel display and turned it into a work of art he calls "TransTFT." Antti Hakala
s idea was to expose the workings of the monitor, bringing all of its technology out into the open for all to see. He started by removing the LED panel from its old plastic casing. Next, he created the new case for the panel by precisely cutting $18 worth of clear plastic, using Lexan for the base and polycarbonate for the plastic surround for the panel. Using a few cheap screws from a hardware store and lots of skill and artistic acuity, Hakala put it all together, but thought something was missing. So, as a final and unplanned flourish, he decided at the last minute to mount two LEDs into the edge of the monitor, giving it an eerie and other-worldly red glow around the edges. Neat.

Trans TFT [Metku Mods]

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