Gorgeous Shot of the Olympus OM-D Leaks

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Camera nerds have been aflutter for weeks about a new Olympus mirrorless camera that's supposedly set for announcement any day now. The latest rumor is a nearly full-body view of the retro-styled OM-D. If the rumor is true, the camera is going to be beautiful.


The new shot, courtesy of 43 Rumors, gives us the largest view yet of the new OM-D series camera that's supposedly set for release this summer. Up until now we'd only seen a few detail shots. So far we've heard that the camera will have the fastest autofocus of any mirrorless shooter, and it supposedly carries the same 16-megapixel micro four thirds sensor as the excellent Panasonic GX1. [MLZ Photo via 43 Rumors via The Verge]

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at first I was thinking "Are we finally going to have some pro quality lenses in the MFT category to go with this camera! Is Olympus/Zuiko going to pick up where they left off with the amazing 14-35 f/2 or 35-100 f/2" Then I saw 12-50 f/3.5-6.3 and realized than no...we wont have amazing lenses in the mft category for some time again. Though because it has that lens on it, we can probably assume the OM-D is weather sealed.