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Gorgeous video shows just how incredible the Apollo missions were

The Project Apollo Archive on Flickr is truly one of the great treasures available on the Internet. You can easily get lost in the stunning imagery and wonder about what exists beyond our world. It’s also an incredible resource for artists to turn those static pictures into gorgeous videos with 3D effects. My jaw is in total awe of this video, Apollo, which shows the magnificence of space travel. We have to go back.


Chris Coupland, the photographer who put this incredible video together, writes:

Between the years of 1969 and 1972 the human race accomplished arguably the single greatest technological achievement of all time, when humans first set foot on another celestial body.

This short film is a tribute to the NASA Apollo Program space missions which successfully landed 12 men on the Moon. It was created entirely from still images from the Project Apollo Archive, which has bought together scans of all the original unprocessed images taken by the crews of the Apollo 10 to 17 space missions.


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The Alvin Greene Dream

This is pretty awesome. My grandfather worked on the LM (lunar module) as an aerospace engineer at Grumman. He’s actually the one who isolated the cause of the “program alarm” bug in Apollo 11. Most people don’t remember (because it’s never presented as part of the famous moon landing narrative) that they almost had to abort during landing because of this. Armstrong actually had to engage manual control mode, and Aldrin had to navigate for him as they landed.