Gourmet Live Is Now on the iPhone

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The former Gourmet Magazine, reinvented on the iPad as Gourmet Live has undergone the shrunkifying process of porting itself to the iPhone. It's the same content as the iPad: some delicious looking recipes, fun cooking stories and dead simple navigation.


The app is simple, just a side scrolling carousel of articles and recipes of which you tap to read with a store and library to access more content. There's not much free content (some of which you can unlock from a weird rewards system) as Gourmet Live is littered with in-app purchases but for foodies who loved the old Gourmet, the digital rebirth is a solid app to have in the arsenal. [iTunes]

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So, conde nast already has the epicurious app and adds this one? Won't it also conflict with a potential ipad app for Bon App (also under conde and the only one that has a print component)?