Grado's iGrado (iGreat, iNot iAnother iOne)

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Grado expands their high-end headphone lines into the low end with the iGrado headphones. Normally their cans go from anywhere in the hundreds to the many hundreds, but they most likely realized that there was a whole market of iPod users unwilling to spend more on their headphones than their iPod Nanos music players. All this gathered from the lone "i" in their product name, of course.


The phones go behind the head in the wraparound style that's popular among them youngsters today. In the traditional Grado style, they look horribly uncomfortable but should be decent to wear.

Available the first week of September for $49.

Grado Labs releases $49 headphones [Playlist Mag]

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Grado actually makes a couple of great headphones under the 100$ price point, some of the best high end out there for the money. And yes, the comfort thing is definitely an issue for most people.

check out the more demure sr-60 and sr-80 before going for these ungodly looking things!