Grass Printer Turns Your Overgrown Lawn Into Art

Mowing the lawn ranks among the least enjoyable chores for a homeowner. But you can appease the neighbors who won’t stop complaining about your unkempt yard with this Grassffiti machine that grooms different designs into the surface of your lawn.


Created by designer Yuta Sugiura, who you might also remember as the inventor of this carpet printer, the Grassffiti machine works uses a series of moving agitators to flatten and lift blades as its slowly dragged across a section of grass.

The limited resolution of the Grassffiti machine doesn’t produce images in grass quite as detailed as what Sugiura’s carpet printer was capable of, but that’s not the point of this creation. You’re not going to use it to become the next Banksy, turning lawns around your neighborhood into thought-provoking works of art. It’s just a fun way to use grass as an unorthodox canvas for your next artistic endeavor.

But even with the Grassffiti’s limited capabilities, it won’t be long until advertisers see the potential of this machine. So don’t be surprised if you soon see the grass in the outfield of your local baseball stadium turned into a giant ad for Budweiser.




you can barely see the writing. i think cutting the grass should make it more visible.