Gravity Falls returns while Starscream is freaked out by Predacons

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This week in the world of cartoons, Gravity Falls graces us with a new episode, Starscream makes a fool of himself on Transformers: Prime, and we add Futurama and Venture Bros. to the SMC line-up.

TMNT is off in North America, but a new episode, "Parasitica", aired early this week in UK. Ultimate Spider-Man appears to be unexpectedly off this week, but that is subject to change. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Gravity Falls – "Land Before Swine"

Mable takes in a stray pig, treating it like a small infant. Meanwhile, Dipper is in search of an unknown beast roaming Gravity Falls, only for a pterodactyl to kidnap Mabel's precious pig.


Adventure Time – "Candy Streets"

While Jake & Finn use cats dressed in business suits as fighting toys, Lumpy Space Princess busts in to announce a crime. Finn & Jake head off to solve the mystery in a CSI-style episode.

Regular Show – "The Last LaserDisc Player"

Stuck with cleaning out a storage room, the guys come across a LaserDisc featuring the Director's Cut of one of their favorite movies. Where the heck are they going to find a LaserDisc player? And, in their hunt, can the boys avoid VHS peddlers?


Venture Bros. – "O.S.I. Love You"

Here's a quick preview of this Sunday night's episode! For a full review of last week's episode, "Spanakopita!", and every upcoming episode, check out Rob's Monday Venture Bros. round-up here.


Transformers Prime - "Evolution"

The Decepticons have done an amazing job this season building up the development of the Predacons. The clip features Megatron and his ever patient servant, Shockwave, watching Starscream make an idiot of himself as he underestimates a Pred.


Futurama – "T.: The Terrestrial"

Richard Nixon places an embargo on Omicron Persei 8, so the crew heads to the planet in an attempt to retrieve a last batch of the sacred weed of Omicron. During their stay on OP-8, Fry befriends Jrr in a relationship mirroring the plot of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, complete with a bicycle ride powered by love.


Teen Titans Go! – "You're Fired"

So, even the Teen Titans have an HR department - Beast Boy is fired by Robin for sub-par super-hero activities. To fill his place, the Titans hold open auditions featuring Vixen and the Wonder Twins.


Top image courtesy of DisneyXD. Venture Bros. airs Sunday night during Adult Swim. Futurama airs Wednesday night on Comedy Central. Teen Titans Go! airs Tuesday nights and Saturdays on Cartoon Network. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on Cartoon Network.