Great Timing: Scientists Fine Tune Two-Part Method for Password Protection

Scientists at Max-Planck-Institute for Physics of Complex Systems recently published a paper describing a two-part method to improve password security.

One part is all you: Memorize your password. The second is all computer: A stored, "CAPTCHA-like image of a chaotic lattice system" is generated along with it.

Of all the days to see this over at Slashdot... [ via Slashdot]

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A real feat would be making it more secure while making entry easier for users.

Theoretically, you could make it 100% secure, but the cost and inconvenience would be too great.

For instance, they could make air travel 100% safe. They would require each passenger to undergo a physical prior to flying to make sure that they aren't carrying any virus'. Passengers baggage would be completely unpacked and analyzed for threat. Planes would undergo a complete mechanical evaluation by 3 separate crews and agencies. Planes would not fly if the weather and conditions were not perfect. There would be 5 pilots on every plane, along with 4 air marshalls walking down the aisles with tasers.

The way you can apply this to computers is that we could make everything require a captcha, password, retinal scan, finger print scan and voice confirmation, but it isn't a realistic option.