Green Airways Flying Saucer Plane Design

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Is this green flying saucer plane the eco-friendly plane of the future? It's a design from the CleanEra project, aimed at making air travel more economical (in the environmental sense) by using lighter materials and weird ass shapes. Their goal is to get the carbon usage down to less than 50% of current planes. Whether this is light on the Earth is yet to be seen, it looks like something the Green Lantern would fly in. [LiveScience]



i agree that its too unstable, unless the whole thing is spinning, but what if the majority of the thing spins, while the actual cabins where the passengers and captain are (which aren't that heavey compared to the rest of the stuff I think? thats my assumption). ok what if the cabins are on the inside, and don't spin, so like the outer shell (which also holds the fuel and other fun stuff) spins around them?

i agree though, definately a project for projects sake. nothing more than a recap of why they need this project in the article, nothing to do with the actual project technically