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You're probably familiar with Greenpeace's complaints about Apple's "greenness" in its computers, but you would think that the latest environmentally minded decisions in the MacBook Air would have been enough to satiate the eco-group. Nope. Here's what they said about the new Air.

"Apple is getting greener, but not green enough," said Rick Hind, the legislative director of Greenpeace's toxics campaign. "The Macbook Air has less toxic PVC plastic and less toxic BFRs, but it could have zero and that would make Apple an eco-leader," he added.



"Apple sometimes gets really defensive," Hind admits. "They say: Why are you picking on us—especially when we have such a small market share compared to the rest of the industry?"

The reason, according to Hind, is simple. Apple is seen as a tech leader, especially when it comes to innovation. Even though companies like Dell and HP are much larger and ship many more computers, Greenpeace singles out Apple in order to draw attention to the whole tech industry's eco policies, Hind says.

Read the rest of the back and forth over at Wired. [Wired]

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