Dabbing Weed No Longer Requires a Torch, But Can Still Be a Hassle

I’m not going to lie; smoking dabs is over the top. But solvent-based cannabis extracts, also referred to as dabs, has become a popular way to consume cannabis for years. And now that 11 states have legalized the use of cannabis recreationally and 47 out of 50 states have some form of medical marijuana (sucks for you Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska), people like myself who’ve partaken in recreational marijuana the OG way—rolling a blunt, smoking a joint—are curious to know what’s the fuss over this newer form of marijuana consumption.


But one thing has held me back from doing so: that god damn blow torch, a necessity to heat up the concentrate. I, for one, shouldn’t hold anything sharp, on fire, or potentially hazardous. I am a klutz (you can see it in the video above). Being high would probably not fix that. But the G Pen Connect has all of us accident-prone humans covered.

Made by Grenco Science, the $150 G Pen Connect is a torch-less electronic device that allows you to throw away that godforsaken blow torch for a vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand, turning any nail dab rig into an e-rig. The Connect uses the same ceramic heating technology that most pen, portable and desktop vapes use, only it gets the concentrate hotter. It works like magic.

But did the G Pen Connect actually convert me into a dabbing enthusiast? Meh... It’s definitely something to consider if you have all the equipment—the Connect doesn’t come with a water pipe—and cash to shell out for the device ($150). Other e-rigs cost as much or even more. I’d rather stick to a pocketable vape that won’t necessarily get me as high, but is cheaper and way more portable. Yet if I do dab, the G Pen Connect would be the one I pick.


  • For dabbers who want to ditch the blow torch
  • Very simple to use
  • The 850 mAh battery is a big boy
  • Must have a water pipe to use



$150 is ridiculous for that.

i have a glass water cooled nectar collector I use with a Scorch torch, which is small and *fits in the palm of my hand*.

I realize the bro stoner trend is to wow people with fancy expensive rigs, but if using a blowtorch is that much of a hassle, get an electronic nectar collector/honey straw. there’s many on the market for under $100. Mig Vapor makes a nice one called the Sol-E.

it also lets you dab *straight from the jar it came in* which means less hassle transferring product and less wasted.