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Griffin Adds Microphone and Controls to TuneBuds For the iPhone, iPods

Illustration for article titled Griffin Adds Microphone and Controls to TuneBuds For the iPhone, iPods

Griffin has announced updated versions of their TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk products for both versions of the iPhone, the iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, and iPod classic (120 GB). TuneBuds are intended to be an alternative to Apple's upcoming premium in-ear headphones—both offer a built-in microphone and remote for answering calls and controlling playback, although Griffin's version costs considerably less at $40 (but that is without the dual drivers). Or, if you prefer, Griffin's updated SmartTalk accessory will give you the microphone and remote functionality with your current earbuds for only $20.

Griffin Technology Announces TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk Updates Updated Earphone & Mic Solutions Now Extend Recording Capabilities NASHVILLE, TN - November 10, 2008 - Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod and iPhone, today announced the availability of updated versions of their TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk audio solutions for iPhone and iPod. TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk are now both equipped with inline microphones compatible with iPhone, iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G and iPod classic 120 GB "We upgraded TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk so that both iPod and iPhone users alike can record audio and enjoy a superior listening experience," said Mark Rowan, Director of Product Development at Griffin Technology. "With so many great apps coming out on iTunes such as our recent iTalk Recorder application, we wanted to offer iPod users the ability to enjoy those apps that require an external mic." TuneBuds Mobile offers great-sounding earphones with crisp, clear highs and powerful, deep bass. The buds fit the ear snugly, with washable ear cushions in a selection of sizes, and conform to the ear for maximum comfort and sound isolation. Built-in is Griffin's ControlMic, a high-sensitivity microphone and control button. Griffin has even given thought to the cord, made of nylon braiding for strength, good looks, tangle-resistance, and durability. SmartTalk is a headphone adapter solution with the same great microphone and control button features as TuneBuds Mobile, but which allows users to plug in their own favorite earphones. The noise-canceling microphone ensures clean recording and conversations, and the ControlMic button allows convenient Play, Pause and Skip forward controls. SmartTalk features a 30" cable sheathed in nylon braiding.


[Tunebuds and SmartTalk]

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I've been waiting for the Apple premium in-ears (earbuds don't fit me and fall out even when sitting still), as I like the dual-driver design; but iPhone compatibility isn't mentioned anywhere. If the Apple ones don't work with the iPhone, this will be worth a try.