New Apple Premium In-Ear Headphones With Dual Drivers Only $79

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To go with the Skittles smorgasbord of new iPod nanos, Apple's got a bunch of new accessories. By far the most exciting are their new premium in-ear headphones. They've got dual drivers (woofer + tweeter), a setup you don't see until about the $200 mark with say, Ultimate Ears' 5 Pro or Shure's E4c-n set, which used to be over $300. And these have got a built-in remote and mic. Yet they're only $79. The first iPod earbuds that don't suck—amazing. Not so amazing: It appears that their remote and mic only work with the iPods launched today.Ars indicates that mayyyybe the playback controls will work. (Laaaame.) They come with three sizes of silicon tips—which could be a problem, since great isolation headphones gotta have a perfect seal, otherwise they can sound flat. It's why Shures come with a ridiculous number of tips. There's also a carrying case in the box. Also on the menu are new headphones and armbands. They've got an in-line control feature with volume and playback control (next, prev, play pause) from the button as well. There's a microphone on the back that works with the voice recording apps, but as with the premiums, the expanded features only work with the new iPods. They'll be $29 next month. [Apple, Apple, Apple]


I understand why the mic doesn't work with the old iPods, because the earbud jack needs to have the extra connector for input, which would be a hardware change. I don't get why they can't get it to work with the iPhone, especially the 3G, because the iPhone already has the input connection for the mic and the button presses. Volume control, I don't see why they couldn't maybe update the firmware/software to handle the signals coming in from those commands either.

Also, why not black, and/or any other colors Apple makes the iPods in so they match.