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Griffin's PowerMate Knob Controller Finally Goes Wireless

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Griffin Technology revealed the original PowerMate—a hefty polished aluminum programmable knob—way back in 2001, most users were left scratching their head as to what they'd use it for. But years of software updates have resulted in a surprising useful and sleek desktop accessory that's great for everything from controlling volume, to scrolling massive documents. And now Griffin is finally releasing an updated version that introduces—above all—wireless connectivity to your computer via Bluetooth.

The PowerMate Bluetooth requires a fresh pair of AAA batteries every once in a while to keep it running (and to keep that soothing blue underlight glowing) but that's a small price to pay for not having to keep it tethered to your PC or laptop at all times. Like the original version the new PowerMate is made from heavy brushed aluminum so it should feel great in the hand as you spin it, and it also offers click functionality for making on-screen selections as needed.


At $60, available this summer, the new version of the PowerMate is a little more expensive than its predecessor, however that's understandable given its new powers. But like the original, it's completely programmable so you can customize it for whatever you need it to do, right down to how that glowing blue light pulses or flashes. And multiple knobs can even be wirelessly daisy-chained and all assigned different functions, because you can never have too many scrolling wheels at your disposal. [Griffin Technology]