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Griffin's Selling More Kinds of Lightning Cables Than You'll Ever Need

Illustration for article titled Griffins Selling More Kinds of Lightning Cables Than Youll Ever Need

Griffin has just announced the first third-party Lightning cables to become available on the market, giving you an alternative to official Apple products when it comes to charging and syncing your new iOS device.


And there seems to be a cable for almost every occasion. Short, long, coiled, straight—take your pick. Here's a run down:

  • 2-foot straight ($17)
  • 3-foot straight ($19)
  • 4-foot coiled ($25)
  • 10-foot straight ($30)

Oddly, Apple sells a 3.5-foot cable for $19, so you won't really make a saving by going with Griffin. But if you want something shorter, longer or more curly, you known what to do. [Griffin via Verge]

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Nothing to See Here!

I wonder if there'll be a Thunderbolt Lightning cable.

Or a USB 3.0 Lightning cable.

Why the hell are USB 2.0 cables still being sold?