Grimm delivers the goods with a deranged take on Goldilocks

Grimm gave Goldilocks a dark little twist and made her pay for all the nasty things she did inside the home of the Three Bears.


(First things first, here's last week's recap of the pilot in case you forgot what Grimm's spiel is.)

When Goldie (going by the name of Gilda in this episode, you get it) and her boyfriend break into the Three Bears' home, the boyfriend goes missing. Perhaps they shouldn't have picked the house covered in aboriginal bear art like nasty Germanic Bear Paws and Fijian War Claws!

Enter the law enforcement and their new undercover Grimm, Nick! Nick finds out that the family with the insane collection of bear trinkets are secretly Jägerbär (or something like that). Anyway, all these creatures have delightfully Bavarian nomenclature, like Monroe the Blutbad!

Anyway, Nick discovers that the Three Bears (well two of them at least) are keeping the boyfriend in the wilderness to perform a violent sort of "Bear Bar Mitzvah" where they hunt the BF down. Nick's Aunt (who held it together long enough for one more episode) said that the whole thing was messy, and that Nick shouldn't tell anyone about her trailer.

The rest of the show is a delightfully tight-scripted monster-of-the-week with a sprinkling of fairy tale conspiracy theory. It's slick, fast, doesn't take much effort to follow, and reminds me very much of a poor man's Buffy (and that's not an insult). Monroe the Blutbad is basically your Xander/Spike character, except a lot more fun because he rips your arms off. Nick is Buffy, the Aunt is Giles, and his partner is someone I hope who is killed off soon. Who thinks Nick's girlfriend is hiding a secret? I do, I do! There's nothing surprisingly new about this show, but there is something fun about a well-paced monster series.


Last week I was decidedly mixed on Grimm, but this chase episode gives me hope for the series (even if their police skills are screamingly illogical and illegal). TiVo this show if you can't get around to watching it on Friday — the thin gruel has given way to some porridge that's just right. Hey-yo!



I feel the opposite about the show - last week it was interesting, this week it went into the supernatural without any comment or explanation. This week it went downhill.

If it was a guy hunting down people/subspecies with weird abilities in the real world, that would be one thing. But for some reason no other humans can see the werewolves change - even when they lose control and shape shift in front of their eyes. Nick's partner didn't see the kid change for example.

This smells of something unpleasant to me - magic. And brings up the question of what's the point of the species shape-shifting in the first place if nobody but one bloodline can see them for who they really are. What is the evolutionary advantage in that - if they can blend in even without shape shifting, why have human shapes at all?

And why does the aunt have a pile of medieval weapons in the trailer but no guns and ammo? As we saw a few well-placed shots will stop these things just fine. If Nick carried a .45 with hollowpoints it would have been even easier. Why is this old lady running around with swords instead of decent modern weapons? This too has the whiff of supernatural. :-(

I would have loved a common-sense and semi-realistic take on fairy tales, but unfortunately we have this crazy magical stuff is popping up. Magical stuff with which super-cop Nick doesn't see any problems or inconsistencies.

As for the conspiracy - I suspect that I will end up rooting for the monsters. Definitely not for the side of the aunt, whatever that side is. She was being a dick to the main and most interesting character too - to the werewolf. If it wasn't for him I would have dropped the show already. Unlike Buffy, where Whedon provided punchy and funny dialog for all the characters, here we have only the wolf guy. Nick appears to be a tight-ass humorless bastard. The aunt sucked and now she is dead. That's about it so far.

Unless the show picks up and becomes more amusing or realistic, I will probably drop it. Although it also looks rather expensive, and is on a Friday - it may get canceled soon anyway.