​Grimm Goes All Out For Monroe And Rosalee's Big Fat Wesen Wedding

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The season 3 finale. Monroe and Rosalee's long-awaited wedding. Adalind on the loose. Murder. Mayhem I had anticipated all these things happening, but to call this episode "action-packed" is an understatement. I never thought I'd say this, but I think Grimm almost had too much going on… and I loved it.


First of all, let's admit that "Blond Ambition" benefitted from a breakneck pace that even the most mythology-centric Grimm episodes have lacked. This episode flies by, and pretty much all the separate storylines are at full throttle. The main one is, of course, the wedding, which benefits from Rosalee's hilarious boozehound of a sister DeEtta, no moreso when their families wake up in the middle of the night because of a crash downstairs, only to discover DeEtta drunk out of her mind, wearing Rosalee's wedding dress, which is torn and covered in wine stains, and muttering about how the dress is cursed.

This will not be the biggest wedding-related problem Monroe and Rosalee have today, but no need to get ahead of ourselves. Adalind is scheming, again because she thinks an evil Royal has her baby and will happily do anything he asks (why Renard does not see the potential problems of this is insane to me). Shockingly, this causes a problem in that Adalind thinks she can see her baby again if she takes away Nick's Grimm powers. Basically her plan is this: Call Juliette and tell her Renard still has feelings for her, then use her magic witch hat-bong to transform into Juliette and tell Renard she still has feelings for him.

Why does she do this? I have no fucking clue. Because her actual plan is to transform into Juliette, head over to Nick's house while the real Juliette is out, and fuck him until his Grimm powers basically fall out. Which she does. As you can imagine, when the real Juliette comes home and eventually they both figure out that Nick has fucked Adalind, Juliette is ready to say goodbye to all the bullshit that comes of dating a Grimm, and Nick is clearly panicking. Alas, they both have to head to the wedding first.

Meanwhile, Wu has discovered Adalind's storage unit, which means Renard discovers it; he spies the witch-hat bong and assorted spell recipes out, and realizes the sexual mammajamma that Adalind plans laying on Nick. He bottles some of the green liquid and drives straight to Nick's house, hoping to catch him, but he's already gone. He does meet Trubel, though, and after they catch each other up on Nick, Renard gets ready to head to the wedding to give Nick the potion which is when that rogue FBI agent/Royal henchman pops up and puts three in Renard's chest. When he notices there's a witness, he puts his gun and decides to fight Trubel by hand, which is when Trubel decides to fight with her machete and cut his fucking head off. After briefly calling 911 to pick up Renard, she grabs the bottle, steals Renard's car, and heads off to the wedding.

And then things get really crazy because Trubel bursts in just as the ceremony ends, the Woge'd Wesen freak the fuck out, they start attacking Trubel, they knock the potion to the floor where the bottle breaks, they knock Nick's glasses off, it turns into a mob scene, and Nick, Trubel, Juliette and Hank barely get away before they discover that Nick had indeed lost his Grimm powers — Monroe woges right in front of him, and he doesn't see a thing.

So here's where we leave season 3: Nick is no longer a Grimm, Juliette is tired of the bullshit that comes with a Grimm. Renard has been shot and may die. Monroe and Rosalee have gotten married but they're surrounded by their extremely angry, violent guests. Adalind is flying to Europe to discover there isn't a baby waiting for her, just Viktor's smug grin. Nick and Juliette's house has a decapitated FBI agent in it. And best of all? Wu, investigating Renard's attempted murder and the very successful murder of the FBI agent, starts thumbing through Trubel's sketchbooks and sees the monster that he so recently convinced himself couldn't be real.


There's so much to build on for season four, and between Wu's possible induction into Team Grimm — after some seriously bitter ramifications for lying to him — and because Nick's new powerlessness probably means Trubel kind of has stick around for a while, I'm really looking forward to it. And think about this — all this shit happened in this episode without needing a new random Wesen-o'-the-Week to deal with!

This is the new bar, Grimm. Now we know how good you can be when you really put your mind to it, and this is what we want from you from now on. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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Assorted Musings:

• Monroe's racist parents have suddenly become super-not-racists, which is a bit cheap but I'm glad we didn't have to rehash that nonsense again.


• Monroe admits what he, Rosalee, and every single Grimm viewer was secretly feeling: "We hated that dress." Although he should have added, "Although that doesn't at all excuse you getting shit-faced, putting it own, and then ruining it. You're a monster."

• In the chase between the FBI guy and Trubel, did I really see Trubel run head first into a set of cabinets at one point? It was weirdly realistic to see someone scranble and manage to do sime thing done.


• After Juliette discovers ther negligee on the floor, it takes a long time for Nick to figure out what happened. If you listen to Nick from Juliette's point of view, whjere is just inordinateluy proud of sleeping with some chick right before the wedding, it's hilarious.



Why can't Grimm be like this all the time? I literally screamed "What the fuck?!" at my tv. If Renard dies, I'm pissed. (If he get amnesia, I'm pissed. If he spends more than one episode in a coma-like sleep, I'm pissed. If he moves away, because this life is "too much," I'm pissed. If he spends more than one episode defending himself against murdering the FBI agent, I'm pissed.)

I understand Juliette's frustration with how her life gets crazier and crazier, but Nick gets raped and it's immediately all about her? Way to be sensitive.

And about Nick's rape, um, how about a more emotional reaction. I think if I just found out that I got tricked into having sex with someone who's made my life a living hell and who used such a dirty tactic, I'd be expressively angry.

When did Hank and Rosalee become such good friends that he gets the honor of walking her down the aisle? Though, I did think it was cute. And who didn't know that fugly wedding dress would get a wedding day reprieve? Seriously though, if my wedding dress gets wrecked on the day of, I'm stopping at like Macy's and picking up whatever plain white dress I can find. (Or maybe just fuck the white dress and pick something that makes you look hot as hell?)

And then Wu finding those books! And his look of horror/betrayal. I think this really shows that the actors are amazing for this show, but the writers are occasionally shitty.

And lastly Trubel walking into the wedding, I thought that was actually well done. I expected it to be Nick that fucked it all up, but everything truly was accidental.