Grimm is back with a giant Kitty Man and massive blood lust

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Grimm is back! And it's bringing a brand new collection of CG-faced fairy tale creatures, out to murder the good people of Portland. The first season ended with a massive cliffhanger for our hero, Nick. A new character was introduced, Juliet was poisoned by a yellow-tongued cat, and Pilates Wolf is still in limbo about whether or not Pharmacy Fox will knock him a little sugar.


None of these questions were answered in the premiere, but we did meet a giant french cat-man that killed a lot — a lot! — of people. Spoilers ahead...

Oh Grimm! What are we going to do with you? We're so happy that doppelgänger Prince Eric is back with this wily gang of Wesen. But more than this episode, which felt crazy unbalanced, we look forward to the nights spent back in the arms of our beloved Pilates Wolf, talking about clock making, model trains, or whatever supercute hobby he has inexplicably taken up that night.

Alas, there's no time for that now — the premiere episode of the second season was all about Nick and his formerly presumed dead mother. Or at least some of it was: There was actually just a ton of crap going on. Snowflake-face was imprisoned and did the whole "do you know who I am" dance with Captain Renard (not enough people know who Renard is). True Blood's James Frain showed up to torture someone, there is a giant cat man on the loose who just wants to kill everyone, including a few newly introduced FBI Agents, the coins popped in for a bit, the key with the map swiftly took their place, Sgt. Wu made pithy comments about a horrible death scene... aaaaaand oh yeah, Adalind's mom went shopping to un-do the potion her daughter did at the demand of Renard. It was a lot.

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The kitty is actually called a Mauvais Dentes. At first we suspected he was some sort of cat Reaper (as we spent most of the first season building up a sense of wonder about these villains) but actually they're just a "killing machine." The beast is told to kill Nick, which he tries to do in this episode, with no luck. Meanwhile, Mom and Nick are kind of circling each other making sad faces and trying to figure out what to do with all their emotions. Nick is surprisingly cool about his Mother letting him think she was dead all these years. Together they have tense pancakes, and his Mom tries to kill Pilates Wolf because he's "one of them." Parents, they just don't understand. Clearly it's going to be a long road for these two, if she makes it past this two-part premiere.

Meanwhile Mom spills the beans that the key Nick accidentally discovered was a map, and is actually part of a much bigger map, that leads to an ultimate weapon (please be a unicorn, please be a unicorn).


As part of this big reveal, we find out that the seven families and the Grimms used to work together. The Grimms were kind of like the kingdom cops and kept the Wesen in line. But if one of the Kings ever got ahold of this weapon (oh God can you IMAGINE if it was a unicorn) there would be no peace or something. We don't know, since the whole fairy tale ruling party has been kept in the dark for the last 100 episodes. I think the best part of this whole encounter is that it was prompted by the coins. The coins that brought snowflake face into town, the coins that revealed Hitler's true self as a Wesen, and the coins that are allegedly responsible for the death of Nick's parents (but not anymore). At his mother's request Nick gives her the coins but then they are quickly thrown away for the magical key map and even more mythological mumbo jumbo.

One thing this episode had going for it was just buckets of blood and prosthetic bits of fake humans. Not two seconds went by, without a close up on the face of a dead man with giant claw marks and sabertooth bite holes in his neck. Nice to see they're keeping the dark path this show turned in the middle of the first season.


And that's all we can really say about this episode. Not much happened. Juliette is still in a memory-erasing coma because the cure-all elixer conveniently took an entire episode to brew. Most of the time catching up with Mom was used to lay out the laws of the fairy tale world of the past. We did like the kitty. A lot. He looked pretty rad. We're excited to learn Renard's real reasons for continually tying himself to Nick, but we know that's not going to be revealed anytime soon. I guess we'll just have to wait for next week, and wish and hope that we're rewarded with an entire Pilates Wolf-centric episode very soon for our patience.


Craig Michael Ranapia

Oh Grimm! What are we going to do with you?

Stick a cursed fork in Nick The Charisma Black Hole & Pointless Token Partner Guy, and make the show all about Pilates Wolf and Sgt. Sassy Wu?