Grimm shows a fairy tale nation at WAR

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More good Grimm this week. Not as great as the last episode, but their commitment to the larger story instead of retreating to the monster of the week formula should be commended.

This week was all about the bigger picture. Grimm desperately wanted you to know that shit is going down in fairy land. And sooner or later, Old World Wesen problems will become New World Wesen problems. Starting right now. A major player in the Laufer resistance (yes there's a resistance and yes that's another word you're going to need to learn) escapes to America looking for a place to hide. But there is no sanctuary from the pack of puppy Wesen hot on his tail. I call them pissed puppy people but Grimm calls them the Hundjägers. Moving on (and you're going to want to write this down) there's 7 families at war and the Verrat are the people that keep the order in that political system (I think). Any sort of resistance is met with extermination. So a puppy person follows Ian Harmon (the journalist and Fuchsbau) to America to kill him and wipe out whatever it is that Ian is doing to help with the resistance.

It's really quite a lot to take in. So many German words were just flung at the wall. At times I felt like I was drowning under all the Verrat, Fuchsbau, Friedenred, Hundjäger, Lausenschlange, Mauzhertz schwords. Don't get me wrong, I love a round of "Ein Prosit" as much as the next discerning beer drinker, but after awhile my eyes rolled back into my head at the mere turn of a foreign phrase. This lesson in German fairy slang had better pay off in the end. Oh and Ian's accent. Yikes. Sorry but, yikes.

But it wasn't all slang and fairy politikin' I still enjoyed the Pissed Puppy baddie very, very much. Besides the Captain, this Edgar Waltz character was probably the most intimidating brute we've seen thus far. And not just because he's a fairy racist; he's clever. Waltz knew how to use bodies to manipulate the police into doing what he wanted. Hell, even the Captain seemed a little wary of the Verrat being in town. Naturally, Waltz comes and goes fairly quickly, but not without spilling blood in the water. His search for Ian ends in a showdown and Ian pulls the trigger. Of course, this means Nick has to take him to jail, but he doesn't because Nick has decided he's completely above the law at this point. I actually would have been pretty impressed if Nick threw Ian in protective custody just to demonstrate that Grimm rule!


Again the episode was a bit of a mess with all the new information, but the baddie was mean enough to hold my interest. Plus I'm curious to learn more about that 7 families (I think we only know of 3 or maybe 2 at this point). Happy to see Nick contributing to the Grimm journal and that Pilates Wolf and Pharmacy Fox are still heading down the will they or won't the path. There's only a few more episodes left in this season of Grimm (and we hope Monroe's main squeeze can make it out alive because she knows the cure for everything, plus she's super adorable). But most importantly, hooray for dedicating to a bigger story arc. I care less and less about various animal monsters. Gimmie more Captain Hexenbeast flirtations.