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Gripzila Props Up Just About Anything (Under .8" Wide)

Illustration for article titled Gripzila Props Up Just About Anything (Under .8 Wide)

The Gripzila universal kickstand does exactly what the name implies - it keeps small items from falling over.


Slide the spring-loaded, rubber-gripped jaws around your device of choice, set it on a flat surface and, boom, instant stable viewing platform. iPods and smart phones will hold up just fine, though the iPad is a bit too heavy to properly support. The Gripzila comes in seven colors and is currently looking for investors over at Kickstarter. A $12 donation nets you a preproduction unit. [Kickstarter via Wired].

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This could just be me... but I think they are missing an 'l' in their name. Gripzilla looks more anatomically correct. You know, like "Godzilla".