Gronk is a webcomic about a troublesome (but adorable) monster child

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Katie Cook is a professional cartoonist with a strong sense of cuteness. When she's not making Fraggle Rock comics or drawing the Avengers as cats, she's working on her own webcomic, Gronk, about a sweet little monster and the geeky composer whose life she turns upside down.

Dale is a composer for commercials and television living in rural British Columbia with only her cat and Newfoundland for company. That is, until one day when she encounters a young monster wandering the woods clutching a torn toy cat. Gronk has just run away from her monster clan (who make fun of her for being cute instead of scary), and happily inserts herself into Dale's household. Suddenly, Dale finds herself the parent to a monster who knows nothing about the human world, but is utterly fascinated by movies, comics, and video games (and doesn't understand basic concepts like "Don't paint dotted lines across the living room" or "Do not use the graphic novels as toilet paper").

Gronk is a sweet comic, devoid of malice (except, perhaps, toward Canadian geese, but they're jerks). But Gronk herself is, for all of her adorableness, a fully fleshed out character. She's imaginative and playful, but she's also selfish and doesn't think her actions all the way through. Dale, for her part, more likely to punish Gronk for tweeting like an idiot or watching Real Housewives of Manitoba than for throwing a canister of glitter at her head. But the comic's key feature is the strong love Gronk and Dale feel for one another and their shared joy they find in food, crafts, movies, and all the other things that spark their imaginations.