Groundhog Day: It's Time to Watch It Again, and Again

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It's never not a good day to watch Groundhog Day, and today is even more not not a good day to watch it. Quite possibly one of the weirdest, most off-beat "holiday movies" out there, Groundhog Day is just begging to become a habit, something to recite sections of.


I'm going to assume I don't have to extol the virtues of this film to the lion's share of you. You know, how Bill Murray's performance as news anchor going slowly insane and depressed and then slowly uninsane and undepressed over 10,000 years (!?) of being stuck in the repeating mundanity of Groundhog Day is a total delight.

Wait, what? You've heard this all before? Why am I not surprised. Just go give it a (another) watch. [Amazon]


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It's one of the world's few absolutely perfect films; not a mis-step in it.