Grow Up and Drink Something Fancy, Manly

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You've moved out of Mom's basement, so it's time to order something at the bar that doesn't come in size "yard." Try a Rusty Nail. It's fancy and manly, and an 18th-century rebel prince ran from England to Scotland with the recipe for Drambuie in his knickers—all so you could enjoy this very cocktail.

And Drambuie isn't just for Rusty Nails anymore (super simple recipe below)—click here to meet the Suite of Nails: Ice Nail, Ruby Nail, and Crushed Nail. And you can always just experience the flavor of over 30 fine scotch whiskeys, many of which are 15- to 17-year-old malts, by drinking Drambuie with a little ginger ale.

Drambuie® Steel Nail
1½ parts Drambuie® Liqueur
3 parts ginger ale
Pour ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge.


Enjoy our good taste with your good judgement.®

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