Growin' Up Speaker System Design Rooted in Trees

"Larry, your new speakers look great, really they do. But...something's off. I can't put my finger on it, but they just sound, I dunno, kind of wooden. You know?"

Because they're inspired by trees! Haha. I kill me.

Anyway, really, designer Marcos Ignacio Madia must have gone all Sigourney Weaver in the jungle from Gorillas in the Mist on us, because he just went and designed a line of speakers that look and grow (by stacking) like trees. There's a woofer, midrange and tweeters, all of which you can stack and...hrm...grow as you expand the collection.


You can even, theoretically, turn the speakers to face different directions as you experiment with sound. Which is just like regular speakers except birds won't accidentally nest in those.

It's just a design at the moment, so you audiophiles will just have to put those woodies away for now. [Home Tone Coolest Gadgets via DVICE]

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