Grundig Tharus 3D: TV in All Its Dimensions, Someday

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Here's yet another iteration of 3D TV, and this Grundig Tharus 3D flat panel lets you watch that 3D without special glasses. Made for the DVB system (the European and Asian broadcasting counterpart of the ATSC high-definition standard here in America), Tharus 3D uses a system where the footage is first acquired by a stereo HD camera. Its two pictures are transmitted to a special 3D converter set-top box that turns those two angles into eight perspective views, displaying them on this flat panel.

This we gotta see. After all the attempts at 3D content for broadcast and movies—most of them ultimately unsatisfying—could this be the one? Probably not. Nice-looking TV, though. Pricing and release date were not announced. After all, this fanciful broadcast system has to be built first.


GRUNDIG Tharus 3D [AVing, via BornRich]