GScreen's Dual-Screen Spacebook Coming Soon(ish)

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This is one of the first photos of an actual gScreen's dual 15.4-inch screen Spacebook—two full screens (not just an extra 10-inch one like Lenovo's W700). Really. There were renders before, but here are the photos.


The Alaska based company, started by Gordon Stewart (yep, that is where the G in gScreen comes from), is aiming its dual screen laptops at professional designers, filmmakers, photographers and really anyone who can't live without a dual screen for everyday productivity. They have also been in talks with the military. The chassis (which we expect is at least 12 pounds) is built around the 15.4 inch screen (though the first units that come to market will have 16-inch or 17-inch screens) and its twin, identically sized screen slides out from behind the first using a uniquely designed sliding mechanism.

"We designed this knowing that many may not need the extra screen at all times," Gordon told me. But when you do use both screens you'll get about 30-inches of screen space. GScreen plans to release dual 13-inch models at some point.

Gordon plans to have the first Spacebooks being sold through by December of this year. Currently they are making tweaks to the power source (as you can see from one of the images) and to the screen slider.

They will run Windows 7 and be powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors (we would love to see some mobile Core i7 love here), 4GB of RAM and high-end Nvidia GF900M GT discrete graphics. The plan is for fast 7,200 RPM hard drives and six or nine-cell batteries. It will also have a DVD player so you can watch a flick on one screen and refresh Giz on the other. "It is absolutely the opposite of a netbook," he told us. Yea that is no kidding with a price tag that he is hoping to keep under $3,000.


Now we are skeptical about them meeting their end of the year production date considering this model's power cord looks like more than a work in progress, but seeing as Santa is close by to gScreen's Alaska headquarters we don't see why he can't just drop off some dual screen craziness in time for Christmas. [gScreen]



Stupid Alaska. Wanting everything panoramic. The landscape, its laptop screens, its view of Russia...