Guerilla Theater In a Box

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You've seen those inflatable yard snowmen for Christmas, and you've perhaps stood in the shadow of those huge inflatable beer cans blown up with fans that tower over street festivals, but probably never enjoyed an inflatable home theater screen that's 20 feet wide and 12 feet tall. The centerpiece of this set is the VersaStretch screen, which has an inflatable frame with a powerful blower that will let you set it up within five minutes, complete with ropes to secure it should a strong wind pick up during your feature presentation. Plus, it supports both rear- or front-projection.

Now available on eBay for $11,995, there are four of these systems available, and include not only that unique screen, but an HDTV projector and a self-powered sound system with a pair of 300-watt speakers along with a 400-watt subwoofer. Since the movie theater business is taking a nosedive, why not kick them when they re down and instigate your own commercial-free guerrilla theater that you could set up within a few minutes? You could plan a big movie festival in the park this summer.

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