Guillermo del Toro Says His 'Strange Little Tales' Saved Him in His Emotional Golden Globe Speech

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Oprah Winfrey may be the one getting most of the Golden Globe Awards headlines, but the speech that immediately followed hers was one for the books too. Last night Guillermo del Toro was awarded Best Director for The Shape of Water and, fighting back tears, he talked about how monsters, especially his own creations, saved his life.

Natalie Portman started the memorable segment with a jab at the lack of female director nominees and in a rare moment, del Toro got the orchestra to stop playing him off. Give it a watch below.

For those of us who have followed del Toro’s career, it’s hard not to imagine what that win means to him. Will he follow it up with an Oscar? Maybe. But even if he does, it will be hard to top the way he opened with a laugh, went into his personal struggles and triumphs, acknowledged Portman’s line and the Time’s Up movement of the night, made that IMDB joke, and got in a Universal Monsters mention at the end. That was really a grand slam on all accounts.


Del Toro has previously talked about how his movies saved him but I think any saving that was needed was all leading to this wonderful moment last night.