Guitar Hero + Office Christmas Lights = Crazy Ridiculous

One of the developers at NI (we think this is National Instruments) took a guitar hero guitar, a copy of Frets on Fire (the open source PC version of Guitar Hero) and the office Christmas lights and rigged the three up to a cacophonous symphony of light and sound.

Essentially, whenever he does something in the game, the lights go of to correspond. When he hits a fret, one of the five colored lights light up; when he misses a note, the trash can lights up; and when he hits a note, the entire office lights up. It's all very cool until you discover that you're trying to work and your coworker's having a seizure from all the lights. [VI Roadshow]



Is it just me or did he spend the entire time explaining how it works and none of the time actually demonstrating it? I mean, I'm pretty loaded on irish creme right now, but I'm pretty sure I didn't see the thing actually functioning.