Your Christmas Decorations Can't Compete With the Light-Up Millennium Falcon on This Family's Roof

If you’re the type of person who gets caught up in decorating competitions around the holidays, be thankful you don’t live near Colby Powell and his family. Instead of inflatable Santas or a towering tree, they built a light-up Millennium Falcon on the roof of their house that measures almost 29 feet long.

These Motion-Activated Christmas Lights Become Intensely Bright To Scare Off Intruders

‚ÄėTis the season for Christmas parties, leaving many homes empty and prime targets for burglars while revelers are away visiting family and friends. But there‚Äôs nothing to worry about if you‚Äôve decorated your home with these festive, motion-activated Christmas lights that crank to 12,000 lumens of brightness to scare‚Ķ