So, you've gone to great pains to fully research your Christmas decorations, and now you have a kick-ass light set-up adorning your house. But how much is it all costing you?


Electricity doesn't come free, after all—which is why Rob Cockerham armed himself with a power meter and worked out exactly how much his neighborhood was spending on electricity charges for its Christmas lights. Here's a rundown of how much you're spending per hour. Calculations assume that electricity costs 12¢ per kilowatt hour.

A Small Tree


Around 15 watts = 0.2¢ per hour.

Image by ilmungo under Creative Commons license

A Dumb Animal Sculpture


Around 100 watts = 1 ¢ per hour.

Image by lizjones112 under Creative Commons license

A Big Tree


Around 250 watts = 3¢ per hour.

Image by Justin Lee under Creative Commons license

A Hundred Incandescent Outdoor Globe Lights


Around 350 watts = 4¢ per hour.

Image by eggiepooh under Creative Commons license

A Modest House Like This


Around 2,400 watts = 28¢ per hour.

Image by Rob Cockerham

An Insane House Like This


Up to $686 per hour (but much less if you use LEDs).

Image of the The Faucher Family house in Delaware

[Rob Cockerham via Boing Boing; Top image by jspad under Creative Commons license]