Ready for a big number? 502,165. That's the number of LED lights the family of David and Janean Richards in Canberra, Australia has decked its home in order to clinch the 2013 Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights in one display. Whoa.


This is actually the second time the Richards have earned the title—they first set a record back in 2011 with 331,038 lights, but were unseated last year by the Gay family from Lagrangeville, New York. So in October, the Richards got to work installing a much bigger and brighter spectacle.

Guinness says the display includes more than 31 miles of lights, "520 Lightorama channels controlling a [164-foot], walk through, multi-coloured canopy and an [60-foot] light-controlled tree (all animated and synchronised to music)." And it doesn't come cheap, either. Richard says his electric bill runs about $2,291 each month the lights are up, although a local energy company is covering the cost. Ultimately, the Richards' goal with the display is an altruistic one; they're raising money for a charity called SIDS and Kids ACT, which works to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Whatever the motivation, we're sure Clark Griswold would be very proud. [Guinness via NPR]

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