Guitar Hero on the Commodore 64 Make So Little Sense to Me

Illustration for article titled iGuitar Hero/i on the Commodore 64 Make So Little Sense to Me

Looking to make Guitar Hero a little crappier? Great! Just play it on a Commodore 64. That's what Toni Westbrook is doing for some insane reason with his Shredz64 project. The game isn't done yet, but when complete it should provide a rudimentary facsimile of the popular game using the squawking beeps that the Commodore can make as "music." It promises to be much less fun and much more tedious than the original, but hey, power to ya, Toni. [Project Page via Technabob]


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Thank you, INFMOM. Actually, the SID chip in the C64 is still an outstanding sound chip. I remember short clips of digitized sound playing on the C64 and C128, and the only thing limiting it to short clips was the amount of memory in the system. You would be hard pressed to find an 8 bit sound chip that was as good as the SID. The graphics of the C64, on the other hand, need a little work.

What I am wondering is when they will build Rock Band for the Amiga?