Guitar Mania Amp for Guitar Game Controllers

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The Guitar Mania Amplifier 28r works in conjunction with recently popular guitar-based video games like Guitar Hero. It plugs directly into your TV then helps pump out some 30 watts of power. Best of all, the amp features .25-inch inputs to plug in real guitars in case you want to venture in the real instrument arena. For the rich and/or spoiled kids in the audience, there's also the Ultimate Rock Star Gaming package. This little number includes the amp, a wireless guitar controller and a flame guitar strap. Yes, looking like a wannabe has never been easier.

As fun as simulated guitar playing is, still no word on the manufacturer's site regarding price or availability, even though the finely worded press release directs you to the Web site for such info. Makes sense to me.

Guitar Mania Home Page [The Ant Commandos via Ubergizmo]