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Hacker Claims iPhone 3GS Encryption is Incredibly, Dangerously Easy to Crack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Noted iPhone security destroyer Jonathan Zdziarski has cracked the iPhone 3GS encryption security, which is to be expected, but the ease and speed with which he did it is worrisome. Zdziarski claims the iPhone 3GS is thus "useless" to businesses.


The iPhone certainly isn't as ubiquitous for corporate use as BlackBerry or even Windows Mobile, but that's starting to change, and Zdziarski is very concerned that the iPhone 3GS's security puts sensitive data at unnecessary risk. He claims that with easily-available software, anybody can break into an iPhone 3GS and start extracting data within two minutes, and access everything on the phone within 45. After reading this, we could see why companies might just be reluctant to trade their BlackBerrys in for a shiny new iPhone 3GS. [Wired]