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Hacker Swipes PayPal President's Credit Card Info, Goes on Shopping Spree

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you own a company specializing in online payments, the constant threat of hackers and phishing schemes is an inescapable part of the job description. So it's hard not to experience a little schadenfreude in the fact that PayPal President David Marcus's credit card information got swiped recently and taken on a bit of a shopping spree. Oh, sweet irony.

Marcus tweeted about the problem earlier today, noting that the skimming probably happened sometime during his recent visit to the UK.


The card had an EMV chip, which is supposedly more secure than the magnetic strip currently found in most US credit cards. So naturally, Marcus took the opportunity to plug PayPal's admittedly strong security measures. Of course, that doesn't mean PayPal has been entirely without its own missteps.


The only way this could have been better? If the credit card had belonged to the CEO of a certain, now notorious discount retail chain. [USA Today]