Haier's $100, 8GB Touchscreen PMP May Be the Cheapest Around

Illustration for article titled Haiers $100, 8GB Touchscreen PMP May Be the Cheapest Around

Behold the Haier Theatre, a full touchscreen media player that might be pretty unremarkable were it not for its surprisingly low price tag: a 4GB version for $90 and 8GB for a measly $100.


The Theatre comes with a 3-inch capacitive touch screen, a built-in FM tuner and accelerometer, plays all your standard digital files and has a 12-hour audio battery life. Haier's also apparently throwing in 35 free music downloads and a free audio book if you sign up for a 14-day trial with eMusic, but even without that that hassle you're looking at a pretty great deal. [CrunchGear and MobileTechReview]

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I wonder which products Haier makes better. Their washing machines, or this PMP?

I wonder how much benefit one actually gets from this touch screen in the first place. I doubt there will be any apps, and I also doubt that, with its ubercheap price tag, that it will have anything substantial regarding its built-in software.

How much better is this thing over, say, a Sony Walkman E-series, which retails for around $71.99 for 8GB? It doesn't have a particularly large display (2.0"), but it's a damn good player for the money.