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Hallmark Has Truly Outdone Itself With This New Star Trek Keepsake Ornament

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s no secret that Hallmark has recognized the unique niche filled by its Keepsake Ornaments. The greeting-card behemoth releases new selections every year, and while some of them are of the traditional angel-and-snowflake variety, others are aimed squarely at geeky collectors.


This year, however, shit’s getting next-level.

Starting July 9, you may pre-order a remote-controlled Death Star tree topper (which lights up and plays “The Imperial March,” but sadly does not emit a tractor beam); a Force Awakens edition Han Solo (you’ll have to DIY your own Kylo Ren figure, though); the always-festive Aliens queen; and the below, which may even surpass last year’s “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk: The Needs of the Many” ornament (“What says Christmas more than watching Leonard Nimoy die slowly and horribly of radiation poisoning while wearing an oven mitt? Nothing, that’s what,” io9's own Rob Bricken pointed out last December.)


Anyway, here’s 2016's jaw-dropper, which pays tribute to Star Trek’s very first episode, “The Man Trap,” on the occasion of the show’s 50th anniversary.

First airing back in 1966, the first Star Trek episode to be broadcast featured the crew’s visit to an outpost to conduct medical exams, only to be attacked by a murderous shape-shifting alien, the Salt Monster. Press a button on this Keepsake Ornament to hear dialogue from this famous episode.

Hopefully the dialogue is Kirk yelling “AAAAAAGHHHHHH!” in the climactic scene when the monster shows its true form. Just over and over, on an endless loop. Batteries are included.

[H/T mrtrent100]