Halloween Kills Rings in the Scary Holiday With a Music Video

The music video for the film's end credits song wants you to rock out with your knife out.

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A man in face paint standing in a dark room with Michael Myers' iconic mask in front of him.
Image: Universal Pictures

The recent string of Halloween movies have been fairly serious affairs about generational trauma and an unkillable brute mowing his way through a single town. You wouldn’t thing a rock song would go well with the franchise, even with Rob Zombie having once a duo of reboot films, but Halloween Kills begs to differ.

Before the weekend started, Universal put out a music video for “Hunter’s Moon,” the song from Swedish rock band Ghost that plays during the end credits of Kills. The band’s frontman Tobias Forge explained earlier in the month that the song came about when the film’s producer Ryan Turek hit the band up about making a song for Kills. He’d already had some songs that fit the bill, and “Hunter’s Moon” was one he thought specifically that would work with what the film was going for.

“When I knew that there was gonna be a song called ‘Hunter’s Moon’ in a Halloween film, it was pretty easy to come up with a theme that would simplify the lyrical content,” Forge explained. “I wanted the lyrics to be sort of nostalgic, longing back but also semi-romantic and also have a slight sort of ‘siblings love’, ‘friendship love’ question mark. So that is what I wrote.”


If the young boy wearing a mask in the video is meant to be Michael Myers, as we’re led to believe, then there’s definitely some longing for home as seen in the film, even if it’s a little murky. But since these movies have walked back him and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) being siblings, and haven’t offered any real insight into who he is beyond being freakishly durable, the song may not entirely match up with how the film presents its masked killer.

Still, it’s a pretty good song on its own and has some nice old-school vibes, and the music video itself is pretty dang creepy on its own. You’ll be able to grab “Hunter’s Moon” as a vinyl on January 21.


Halloween Kills is currently in theaters and on Peacock.

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