Hamper Hoops Is a Good Reason Not to Just Throw Your Laundry on the Floor

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Since it’s already dirty, there’s really no reason not to just throw all your laundry on the floor, right? But if you’ve got a partner or roommate who says otherwise, Wham-O’s got a pretty sweet laundry bag with a basketball hoop attached so putting away dirty laundry is just like making free-throws.

For $20 it’s as good a reason as any not to turn your bedroom floor into a minefield of smelly socks and unsightly unmentionables. And when you finally run out of clean clothing, the actual bag portion can be easily removed so you can dump it all into a washing machine.

So maybe there’s someway to combine doing dishes with baseball to make that chore more pleasant too. [Hamper Hoops via 7Gadgets]


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