Hand making ramen seems pretty satisfying

I’m not sure if hand making your own ramen noodles and making your own homemade miso ramen broth is worth all the work since there’s really solid ramen shops with very decent bowls of ramen sprouting up in what seems like every city these days (and the ever faithful cup of noodles-type ramen still only requiring loose pocket change and hot water) but I’m sure it must be satisfying as hell to make it yourself.

We see Peaceful Cuisine do all the work involved in making miso ramen in the video below and I’m sure after all that work, it’s the best damn bowl of ramen in the world (which is technically true for every bowl and/or cup of ramen that’s in front of your face).


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For a split second I read the headline as “Hand making semen seems pretty satisfying.”

Yes. Yes it is.