Handheld Fluke Thermal Imager Puts Predator Vision in Your Pocket

A few months ago, I had a mouse problem in my apartment (just one and we caught it, but that's a problem to me) and I was on edge for weeks, always expecting another one of the cat-eating, fanged and diseased rodents to scurry out from behind my kitchen sink (determined, after going over the whole apartment CSI-style, to the be sole point of invasion). If I had possessed Fluke's Ti25 handheld thermal imager, I could've resumed calmly eating peanut butter by the spoon a lot sooner, since the pocket Predator vision would've revealed any more lurking in my walls. And peace of mind, friends, is certainly worth $7500. You can see its actual, proscribed use after the jump.


[Fluke via MAKE Technabob]

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