Hands-On With Kingston's microSD Card Reader Bundles

It seems almost all the new cellphones we see have switched over to using the tiny microSD cards for external storage, which means in order to transfer up some data you're going to have to carry around both a microSD to SD adapter and a standard card reader. What a pain. With Kingston's microSD Card Reader bundles, all you have to carry is the tiny microSD USB adapter. What could be easier?


We played around with both the 1GB ($19) and 2GB ($37) Kingston card reader bundles and found them super convenient to use. The microSD card is normal and goes into our Helio Ocean or HTC 8525 just like any other card does. But when it comes time to transfer data to the card from our PC, all we have to do is plug it into the tiny USB adapter and shove that into a USB slot.

The adapters come with a small strap that can go onto your keychain—or even your cellphone, if you're looking for the ghetto cellphone strap look. The speeds are rated for 13MB/s reads and 3.5MB/s writes, which felt pretty decent to us.


So what's the story here? If you're looking for a microSD card, Kingston's bundle seems like the way to go. We've used both microSD to SD adapters and Kingston's microSD to USB adapter and we gotta say, the latter is much more convenient.

Product Page [Kingston]


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