Handsome Man With Muscles in Talks to Star in the He-Man Movie

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While Sony’s Masters of the Universe movie seems no closer to actually getting made now than it has for the last dozen or so years, at least we know one actor has had an actual conversation about the film with its current director McG: Kellan Lutz.


The reason we know this is because Lutz, best known for Twilight and the lesser of 2014's two bad Hercules films, just tweeted this:

(Mary Viola is the president of McG’s production company Wonderland Sound & Vision.)

Honestly, this meeting means very little; McG may have left the meeting thinking “HELL NO” or maybe Lutz is up for the role of Man-E-Faces instead of He-Man. Even if McG thinks Lutz was born to play the buff protector of Castle Grayskull, there’s still a long way to go before this film gets close to getting made.

All that said, check out this reply to Lutz’s news:


As an enormous-to-the-point-of-obnoxiousness He-Man fan, daaaammmmmnnn. Yeah, the armor is wacky—although pretty accurate to the original toy—but that right there is a live-action He-Man, my friends. If, somehow, this movie finally gets made and Lutz stars, I could get behind this.



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If they ever do get around to making a He-Man movie, I do hope they correct one of the things that always bugged me about the show (even as a 6 year old) and cast someone different to play Prince Adam.

OR at the very least use the same FX tricks they use in Captain America to make Chris Evans look like a puny weakling.