Happy Gadget Spam Week!

Hey there. It's CES week, which means good things for you and bad things for me. The good news: There will be at least a few dozen interesting gadgets for you to read about. Happy Gadget Spam Week!

The bad news for me: I've got to sort through thousands of gadgets to find those gems. Like the fact there's a newer, better Android phone every other month, killing the buzz and buying satisfaction, sometimes I wish the incremental jumps in industry would scale back to yearly updates. If it meant Gizmodo had less stuff to post on, I'd still be happy. Happier even.


Some more good news: I'm uncharacteristically kind of excited to see what's new and next. Things seem lively, with a lot of 3D (which I'm skeptical of) and android Tablets from the major computer makers (which I'm very interested in). The show's press room is not really that full yet, but maybe the lunches will be hot again. (Confirmed: no) Either way, we have tables and internet today. Maybe we'll see the cookie lady. If not, I've already cracked into my second bag of pork rinds.

Another blessing I count every year at CES, among the horrors of too many gadgets and press releases being shoved in my face: the chance to see almost all the Giz writers, all at once. (A drink will be had on behalf of Jesús who is holding down the fort from Spain/NY). There's also the chance to rehire and reunite with some old friends like Adrian Covert and the inimitable Addy Dugdale. Oh and we've got Joel back, too.

As an independent site covering this junk, but not beholden to it or anyone, we'll filter the stream hard as we can. Some years we've hit up to 200 posts a day because of the churn. We'll try to keep it at half that, dumping out the lower tier of junk.


So, Happy Gadget Spam Week. This truly is the time of year where the gadget flow is high and the ratio of cool stuff to junk is low. I hope you survive the post count, and we survive the posting.

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