Happy New Year and CES Rockin' Eve

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John here. Just getting over our own hangover—a BABY hangover—and thought I'd wish you all a Happy New Year and talk about some of our upcoming coverage. The A-Team: Intern Travis, VV, Tobey, and Noah will be hitting CES this week for some boozing and schmoozing—all in your name. If there's something SPECIFIC you'd like to hear about—HDTVs, car audio, or the length of Ron Jeremy's "beige beauty" (CES usually coincides with the Adult Video Awards or whatever they're called, which allows thousands of geeks to say that they "dated" a porn star (sorry, boys, sitting across from one in the Palms while you and your buddies nebbishly titter doesn't count)—please let us know. CES is a big show and if there's something that you'd like to hear about, we can send our warrior monkeys in to get the info.

Also, any CES attendees are more than welcome to drop tips @ gizmodo dot com an email with your impressions and even some photos. Please add "ROCKING CES" to the subject line and make all photos about 520 pixels on the top side. All submissions will get a comments invite and you will be considered a monster of rock, up there with Joe Satriani and Peter Buck.

We'll also be taking Monday off for travel and recuperation, but keep us posted if you find something cool. I'll be on all week.


Now, let's all curl up with a bottle of Jack and a revolver with one bullet in the chamber and watch Dick Clark shamble up to Ryan Seacrest and eat his brains.

BTW - This will be the last baby picture of Kasper, but he makes a perfect Baby New Year—bleary eyed, squalling, occasionally cute, but stinky as all get out.

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