Happy Palm Centro Day

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I've just decided to mark today Palm Centro Day for three reasons:
• Fulfilling Brian Lam's prediction, Palm just announced that it only took six months to sell 1 million of the suckers, in 10 countries no less. (Helps when there's a GSM version, doesn't it?)
AT&T released the obsidian (that is, black) version to go along with its white one. Ruby Red and Pinky Pink are still Sprint only.
• In some Best Buy locations, the normally $100 AT&T Centros have been spotted selling for $40 to new customers. Hopefully these deals will keep cropping up.
Here's what I want to know from you long-term Centro users: does the Centro deserve the honor, bound to sell 1 million more before year end? Or was it just a flash in the old smartphone pan? [Palm Centro]


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awesome phone, bought it when it was just released. Alot of people complain about the OS, but its not bad at all. In fact, because it is a phone, it fits perfectly with my requirements (fuck flashy bullshit, I want intuitive func)

Its greatest asset is what many people like to say detracts from the phone, and thats its OS. Anything that runs on the Treo's, runs on the Centro. I use little-john palm-os emu for my SNES and NES needs (yes, it runs chrono trigger smoothly, Megan Man X, not so much, and all NES titles run perfectly). Another key plus is USBModem and PDAnet, two programs which allow you to use your phone as a tethered modem, at vision data prices (15 bucks "unlimited" vs. 50 bucks unlimited).

The inclusion of the office apps is great (I use the spreadsheet program on the daily from shopping lists, to meeting notes). The camera is decent (1280x1024 res) and the camcorder is good too (320x240 30fps).

Yeah, Blazer is crap in comparison to everything else, but its somewhat acceptable. Opera Mini is a failed attempt in my opinion though.

So, its a phone + organizer + office tool + browser + tv + camera + camcorder + emu + mobile modem for $100 bucks. Lets face it, the bang is far greater than the buck.