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I've just decided to mark today Palm Centro Day for three reasons:
• Fulfilling Brian Lam's prediction, Palm just announced that it only took six months to sell 1 million of the suckers, in 10 countries no less. (Helps when there's a GSM version, doesn't it?)
AT&T released the obsidian (that is, black) version to go along with its white one. Ruby Red and Pinky Pink are still Sprint only.
• In some Best Buy locations, the normally $100 AT&T Centros have been spotted selling for $40 to new customers. Hopefully these deals will keep cropping up.
Here's what I want to know from you long-term Centro users: does the Centro deserve the honor, bound to sell 1 million more before year end? Or was it just a flash in the old smartphone pan? [Palm Centro]


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