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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Hard Drive Dying Dance Track Contest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DJ Hitachi Global Storage has dropped six new tracks on us. Head Stuck to Platter, Slow Spindle Motor, and Head Damage 1-4. Yep, these are all the authentic sounds of hard drives experiencing meltdowns. Or, as Hitachi artfully puts it: "There are various noises that may indicate a failing hard drive. If you are experiencing any of the noises, please contact the technical support center at: 888-426-5214"

Seriously, this could be the beat track to an Aphex Twin song. I'm betting that someone out there can make a great tune based on one or more of these sounds. And I've got a Tokyoflash Equalizer watch (pictured above) for the person with the DJ skills to make it happen. Here's how to win:

Create a song that a includes one or more of the noises from the sound files at the bottom of the Hitachi Global Storage defective hard drive page. The song should be no more than 3 minutes long, and must be in MP3 format. You can send a link to the file, or mail it as an attachment to You must put DRIVE TIME in the subject line, otherwise I will delete it.


You have until Thursday 1/26 to enter. The best entries will be posted for all to hear, and maybe even vote on. Godspeed you black emperor.

Hitachi Global Storage Disk Drive Knowledge Base [via Digg]

Thanks to Tokyoflash for the watch!